Authors "ADAM IS ME"

Jakub Ilmenit Dębski

Coder that in free time is exploring capabilities of augmenting retro-programming with power of the modern computers. Main programmer of "Adam Is Me" and author of majority of the game levels.

Michał stRing Radecki-Mikulicz

Musician from the Agenda group, constructor by profession. Writer, retro computers collector and gamer. Role in Adam Is Me: music and sfx, tester and backup level designer, physical copy release and lego coordinator, manual writer, dtp.

Adam Ooz Powroźnik

One of the top pixelart artist on 8bit scene. Using Graph2Font tool able to create extraorindary, award winning pictures. Author of all the in-game graphics in "Adam Is Me".

Marek Xeen Cora

"Coder. Member of Agenda. That's enough :). With so wide area of interest that you'd be bored to read."

Marek Koala Ogłodek

I am a coder who has been on Atari scene for over 20 years. A few years ago they welcomed me in the Agenda group and I am still there and I am fine with it. Role in Adam Is Me: intro and outro code.

Jakub Jakub Husak Husak

Music legend of 8bit Atari. In "Adam Is Me" however he used other skills related to programming and electronics - did amazing work for physical release by preparing easy to program cartridge with save ability.

Rafal Raphis Szczytko

Graphics artist mixing lineart and computer graphics. Experimenting with different forms and techniques. Since 2017 extended his interest into demoscene and pixel art. In "Adam Is Me" responsible for the game box art.

Dominik VIP Radecki-Mikulicz

Son of stRing, fresh blood in retro gaming. Small participation in Adam Is Me: lego, levels and testing.