About "ADAM IS ME"

ADAM IS ME is a puzzle video game for 8bit Atari XE/XL computers. The game is heavily inspired by the award-winning "Baba Is You" by Arvi Teikari and "Robbo" by Janusz Pelc, but with original puzzles, levels and game mechanics. In the game you interact with physical objects and words that when connected set a new game rules.

Game Story

Earth scientists have created ADAM. A modern robot with implemented AI. They have sent it into deep space, so it could find cure for Virus that had appeared on Earth out of nowhere, and gradually began to decimate the population of our planet. ADAM's task is to collect vials of samples from nearby planets, in system far away from home. Gathered materials and data, could help science, and scientists believe that its discoveries will finally reveal a drug, that will save humanity.

It turned out, that in this system, one of the stars collapsed, and this event had created a black hole. This object slowly sucks matter from another neighboring star and from nearby planets. In threatened system, which stood on the brink of destruction, various anomalies began to appear and the laws of physics known so far ceased to work correctly... ADAM has to change these laws accordingly, and find a way through all 8 planets.

Game Features

  • 64 levels to complete
  • 8 worlds with unique graphics
  • 5 music tracks
  • Original puzzles
  • Ability to revert time
  • New game mechanics
  • Outstanding intro and outro
  • Works on Atari 800XL with 64KB of RAM and 1.77 MHz CPU
  • PAL and NTSC supported